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A complete course that meets the basic requirements for new entrepreneurs, managers, new safety and work environment representatives. You can do a course when you have time. At home, at work or anywhere you have a stable internet connection.

  • E-learning
    After this course you will know how you can improve safety the well-being in your workplace, as well as current rules and regulations you should be aware of. You will know how to prevent hazardous events and risks at your workplace.


Since the course is digital, you can decide when you want to take it. You have access to the video course for 60 days from the time you log in for the first time. You can repeat each lesson, fast forward and rewind unlimited times. Our video courses consist of recorded teacher-led lessons. After each lesson you need to answer a number of control questions to move on to the next lesson. You can retake these questions as many times as you need. As soon as you are done and have answered all questions, you have passed the course. Your digital course certificate is emailed to you immediately.

Illustration av en självstudiekurs i arbetsmiljörelaterade ämnen.

Self-study Course

A self-study course means that you read the material on your own and take a knowledge test after each subsection. You may retake the exam an unlimited number of times during the 60 days you have. If you do not have solid work experience or lack previous work environment training, we recommend that you choose our video course. Your digital course certificate is emailed to you immediately after passing the exam.