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Our courses in BAM Bättre arbetsmiljö?

”Basic work environment knowledge”.

The 3-day course BAM was originally developed by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, LO and PTK together with Prevent. The training reflects the parties’ views and became a norm on what should be ”basic work environment knowledge”. However, there is no requirement from the Swedish Work Environment Authority or any other authority to take a 3-day course. It happens thow, that some larger unions may, in some cases, require a 3-day BAM for e.g. prospective safety representative.

How many days course do need to ”get approved”?

The 1-day course was created because there was a great need for shorter courses that meet the standards for ”basic work environment knowledge”. Our 1-day BAM course is a compressed 3-day course that follows this norm and is thus in that sense approved by the social partners.

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