BAM courses
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Online courses for "bättre arbetsmiljö" (BAM), choose our video- or self-study course.

Our courses in BAM Bättre arbetsmiljö?

We have two different courses of BAM – Better working environment (Bättre arbetsmiljö). Choose between our video course or self-study course. The video course is divided into 13 lessons and also includes self-study material. The self-study course includes material, but not any videos. Either of them will take not more than a day to complete. After an accomplished course you will be certified in BAM.

Each course comes with a test which you have to complete to get your certificate. If you do not pass the test on the first try, you can repeat the tutorial material and then try again. You can repeat the test as many times as you want during the 60 days you have on you.

The courses follows the industry’s requirements according to the SAM regulations (systematiskt arbetsmiljöarbete).

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