BAS P / BAS U Courses
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Online courses for BAS P/BAS U, choose our video- or self-study course.

Choose one of our two course options.


– New course recorded June 2021. With the latest regulations.

Suitable for you who want to study at your own pace when YOU have time.

A recorded version of our teacher-led physical course. The course is divided into 17 lessons that correspond to 8 hours (1 full day) teacher-led course. After each lesson, 3–6 control questions are answered to move on to the next lesson. When all lessons have been passed with a passed result, the course certificate is emailed out immediately. Here is a link to the study material that is included

Self-study course

Suitable for you who have previous experience / education but do not have a course certificate or want to update your old BAS P / BAS U certificate.

Self-study course means that you read the study material on your own and take a knowledge test that consists of 32 questions. 29 of these must be answered correctly to get approved. Participants may repeat the test an unlimited number of times. If you are a beginner in your industry, we recommend that you choose our video course.

Manned customer service.

Regardless of which of the courses you choose, you will receive a complete BAS P / BAS U certificate.

Course participants have free access to our staffed customer service via email, chat and telephone both during the course and when the course is completed.

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