Självstudiekurs BAS P/U

BAM – Better working environment. This is a self-study course that you can prepare by yourself and then take a test online. 

After this course you will know how you can improve safety the well-being in your workplace, as well as current rules and regulations you should be aware of. You will know how to prevent hazardous events and risks at your workplace.

  • When you have read the included study material and feel like you’ve grasped it you can start the test. It consists of 29 questions, which of 25 have to be right for you to pass the exam.
  • If you do not pass the test on the first try, you can repeat the tutorial material and then try again. You can repeat the test as many times as you want during the 60 days you have on you.
  • After completing and passing the exam you will get your personal BAM-certificate.
  • The course follows the industry’s requirements according to the SAM regulations.

Included study material

  • Guide to improving the work environment.
  • How can the work environment be better for both women and men?
  • Information about sanction charges
  • Protect yourself against falls from height
  • Safer building
  • Who is responsible for what within building and construction?
  • Your rights at work
  • Your working environment in Sweden


2 300 kr ex. moms

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Deltagaruppgifter anges i kassan.